We Create Technology to Address Human Security Challenges

IST Research built the Pulse Platform to address some of the most urgent human security issues faced by the world’s vulnerable populations, specifically transnational crime and global extremist terrorism.

Pulse mobile technology allows organizations to connect to people in high-risk and low-stability environments where communications and data flows may be limited. We communicate with people using technology that is already part of their daily lives, from SMS and social media surveys to interactive voice response and one-on-one interactions. Pulse pairs information from those interactions with related data from the web — surface, deep, and dark — for the most comprehensive look at complex and evolving solutions.


How Does It Work?

By collecting, analyzing, and visualizing both online data and data collected directly from affected populations, insights can be gained on complex, real-world issues, such as:

What We Do
  • Identifying actors and methods involved in human trafficking
  • Coordinating humanitarian relief efforts in fragile environments
  • Understanding the online tactics of extremist terrorists
  • Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of international aid programs
  • Corroborating the effectiveness of ceasefire agreements

IST Capabilities

  • Local partner engagements
  • Target audience analysis
  • Multi-level media strategy development and planning
  • Open source, big data architecture implementation
  • Product development and distribution
  • Survey design and deployment (SMS, MMS, IVR & Web)
  • Social science and data analytics

Pulse In The Field

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Human Security is a Technology-Enabled Human Endeavor

Pulse is not a technology on the horizon. It’s here now.

Our team is composed of software engineers, data scientists, applied psychologists, human rights experts, and military operators. We have developed a collaborative, interdisciplinary work environment that encourages risk taking and develops unique solutions.

We build technology that enables us to provide value to our customers across the globe; technology that is built with consideration for the users as much as for the populations we seek to understand and support.