We deliver decision support innovation to the edge.

Where is The Edge?

The Edge is not a specific place, but at any given moment it could be anywhere. It is any point where support, network reliability, power and other resources are scarce.

Those involved in the humanitarian response to the Haitian Earthquake are working at The Edge. Likewise, medical personnel in remote parts of the African continent, special operations forces in the Philippines, or those working to put out massive wild fires in Southern California are all working at The Edge.

They are tired, dirty and hungry. There is no helpdesk. There are no electrical outlets. 

But everyone there is still working to make a difference.



Pulse is a rapidly configurable two-way information sharing architecture and analysis platform designed to help teams in developing areas of the world work with local populations to exchange valuable information.


Component-driven design allows for easy set up and deployment



Flexibility of the platform makes it powerful, even in areas of high conflict and low stability


Simple interface allows high-level campaigns to be established


Built in planning and management tools help prepare the platform to send, receive, consolidate and analyze information flows throughout the campaign


Pulse is currently deployed to Afghanistan, Colombia, Zambia and within the United States.


Due to the diverse strengths of the Pulse platform, any time the technology is put to work, it’s accompanied by a customized social engineering effort to drive engagement among locals.

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